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Grab this extra special bundle from Knit School! Join me for a 2-hour live workshop to kick start your brioche knitting, watch the whole masterclass in your own time & then join me for a live Q&A to check what you've learned! ⁣

Don't want to go it alone for your first brioche project?

This is the Knit School bundle for you!

When I say brioche, people often visualise delicious sweet bread that is a speciality of France rather than knitting but this is definitely not a baking class!

What is brioche?

At it’s core, brioche is a way of knitting that allows you to create beautiful double-sided squishy fabrics. The term brioche is used interchangeably to describe both the technique for creating the brioche stitch patterns and the stitch itself. It combines it’s own set of knitting abbreviations and concepts with knitting abbreviations and techniques that are common to all knitting.

In this masterclass we will look at the main brioche stitch patterns of brioche and how these are achieved. This document will use the terms defined by Nancy Marchant who really brought awareness of the technique to knitters and also standardised the language.

Why brioche?

As it’s most basic, brioche can be used to create soft, reversible fabrics that make great accessories. In addition to this, due to its linear nature, beautiful motifs can be created with little effort and these can enhance the look and feel of all sorts of knitted projects.

I spent forever promising myself that I would learn how to knit brioche patterns and just never got around to it but now that I have, I'm completely addicted to it and I can even do it while watching TV!  

And if I can do it, so can you!  I have broken down brioche into a series of really easy to follow video tutorials with a sample pattern for each one that will get you to your goal of being able to knit brioche in a very short time!

What's included
Brioche Masterclass

Everything you need to know to start (and continue!) knitting brioche stitch confidently

  • A 2 hour live workshop with Michelle Gregory
  • A follow up Q&A session
  • An introduction to what brioche actually is
  • Class and swatch booklets for you to print and keep
  • Easy to follow video tutorials that include all the brioche basics, brioche cables and brioche lace
  • Three patterns to give your skills a really good workout

What you can expect inside

  • Clear, easy-to-follow videos

    Over 2 hours of video tutorials but don't worry, I get straight to the point in all of my videos! No one wants to listen to me waffling.

  • Downloadable documents

    In addition to the videos, there is a class booklet that covers many of the general principles of brioche

  • Email Support

    Stuck? The class includes email support via our dedicated Knit School support inbox!

  • Swatches for every technique

    You don't just watch the videos, you swatch along with each one to try out each technique

  • 3 Patterns

    This class includes our Simply the Simplest Brioche Cowl, the Manta Ray Shawl and our Brioche for Days patterns to really give your brioche skills a workout

  • Life time access

    As long as there is a Knit School (and I really don't plan on going anywhere), you keep access to everything in this class and any upgrades that I make to it!

Why should you take this class?
What others have said about the class!
Wow, what a fantastic way to learn Brioche Knitting! Clear & concise instructions from the incredible Michelle, both written & video. I found that using them hand in hand, really helped me to really grasp all the different elements of brioche knitting. Can’t wait to do more! Michelle you really are a fabulous teacher!! Thank you so much
Pippa M
The brioche class has opened up a whole new world of knitting for me. It's easy to follow and with great instructions
Jane M
Michelle has a lovely clear style of presentation, making even the more complicated brioche very approachable, and she is always willing to adapt her teaching to cover things that a member is having trouble with
Katherine C
I have been desperate to try brioche for years, but never had the confidence. Michelle's videos broke down the technique into very simple steps and now I'm racing ahead with brioche knitting
Kirsten H

Your instructor for this masterclass

Our very own Knitter-in-Chief

Hello lovely, I'm Michelle Gregory and I am the founder of Knit School.  I started Knit School because I met a lot of knitters who were nervous about taking the leap to more advanced patterns & techniques and I wanted to help knitters to feel that they CAN KNIT ANYTHING they want!  Knitting is definitely not rocket science and everyone can be an awesome knitter including you!

Included with this class

Three patterns to give your new skills a workout!

SImply the Simplest Brioche Cowl

Try out your new skills on this basic brioche cowl!

Brioche for Days Shawl

Once you can Double YO you will be ready this beauty!

Manta Ray Shawl

Once you have all your skills, this awesome pattern awaits. Once you have knit this, the sky is the limit!

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You must have questions

  • How long do I have access to the class?

    When you buy a class outside of Knit School membership, you get lifetime access to the class. Of course, that is the lifetime of Knit School but I am not planning to go anywhere for a very long while!

  • Do I get access to other benefits of Knit School membership?

    No. Benefits such as the private Facebook group, live Q&As etc are only available to members of the full Knit School membership. However, after you take the class, you may decide that Knit School is for you and you can join the membership at any time!

  • Do I need to take the whole class all at one time?

    Definitely not! I have designed the class so that you can watch a single video and make a single swatch so you don't need to set aside a huge amount of time to get through it all at once.

  • What is the refund policy?

    Because this is an online course and you get access to everything straight away, once you access the class and download any of the materials, it is 100% non-refundable. However, if you buy the class but change your mind without accessing or downloading any of it, you have 7 days to apply for a refund.

  • What knitting style is the class taught in?

    The techniques are demonstrated using the 'throwing method', also known as British style knitting. They are demonstrated by a right-handed knitter.

  • Are the videos close-captioned?

    Yes. All of the videos in this class have been close-captioned using the site & reviewed by a member of the Knit School team.

  • Should I just join the Knit School membership?

    One of the reasons I wanted to make individual masterclasses available is because I know that a membership is not for everyone so it's really down to you. If you like a membership and want to be part of the Knit School community, then it is definitely better value to join the Knit School membership. However, if you just want a single class without the commitment of a membership, then this class is for you!

  • Will other Knit School classes be available on their own?

    There are definitely plans to do this but no firm dates for now.