What you'll find in this class
Knit a sweater yet?

This class, delivered by our own Michelle, is an indepth guide to knitting a top down, in the round sweater.

  • Different necklines
  • Shoulders, colourwork, short row elements of shoulders
  • Casting on underarm
  • Using cables to hold sleeves
  • Adjusting the size of sleeves
  • Avoiding holes & picking up under an arm
  • Back and front darts and shaping
  • Correct length and bust adjustments
  • The CoCo Knits method of English Tailoring
  • Adding thumb holes and different sleeve types
  • Inserting a sleeve
Included with this class

Two patterns to give your new skills a workout!

Cateen Sweater

The Cateen Sweater
is a chunky, cosy sweater, perfect for for chilly
days and cool evenings.

Cats x Shetland

This sweater has a slightly-cattified traditional Shetland yoke.