A brioche scarf knit in a rainbow of colours from pink to purple.

Episode 14, Our very first Desert Island Knits

February 21st, 2022

I’m so delighted to welcome my loveliest lovely friend Abby Parkes of Orchidean Luxury Yarns for our Inaugural Desert Island Knits.

I must first pay tribute to our namesake, Desert Island Discs which is both a BBC radio show and a podcast. It is a hugely successful and long running show that has had some of the most fascinating guests. Guests are asked to choose, I think it’s 8, pieces of music and such that they would take with them if they were castaways on a desert island.

I’m delighted to bring you my knitting version of it. In Desert Island Knits, I’ll be asking guests about their desert island yarn kit. Guests will be asked to pick just one item from each of 6 categories to go in their project bags when they are shipped off to the island.

Abby is the amazing dyer behind Orchidean Luxury Yarns. You’ll find all of her amazing yarns here:


You’ll have to listen in for all the details but here are Abby’s choices (with links!)

  1. One Yarn Base: 50% Merino Wool, 50% Mulberry silk in 4ply weight: https://luxuryyarns.co.uk/product/mulberino-4ply/
  2. One Yarn Brand: For the love of yarn: https://fortheloveofyarn.co.uk
  3. One needle / hook brand: Knitpro 
  4. One designer: Andrea Mowry: https://www.instagram.com/dreareneeknits
  5. One notions brand: Abby’s own stitchmarkers (which I adore!): https://luxuryyarns.co.uk/product-category/project-jewellery/
  6. One non-knitting luxury item that you can’t live without: Doterra Essential Oils: https://luxuryyarns.co.uk/product/the-essential-yarn-club/

Now my dears I am off to dream about my Desert Island! As always, any questions about the episode, do get in touch! 

Next week I’ll be talking about all those things in knitting that you are just expected to know without every being told but for now, let’s go and get knit done! 

Michelle x

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