A piece of chevron shaped brioche in purple that has been pinned to a blocking mat using T pins

Episode 15, The K is Silent

February 28th, 2022

We have a lot of conventions that we learn over time that you could do with knowing at the start but that might also be too much. It’s a fine balance between too much and too little. 

In this episode I talk about just a few of the many I could have talked about including:

1. Cast-on, Cast-off but which type!

2. Make 1, Increase 1 but which type

3. Increases and decreases lean in different directions

4. Knit / Increase / decrease evenly across

5. Right side wrong side back and front of work

6. Slipping a stitch – which way? Purl or knit wise

7. Where should your yarn be for the next stitch

8. The way yarn is held

9. Different location conventions

10. Swatching

11. Blocking

12. Ballband gauge

13. Sometimes you are wrong, but sometimes there are just different ways

14. Don’t yuck other people’s yums

Have a listen and if you’d like to add any more to this list, do let me know!

See you next week for how sometimes it’s ok for knitting to seem difficult!

Michelle x

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