Episode 21: 10 Cardis I'd knit right now

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Hello lovelies. Welcome to episode 21 of the Get Knit Done podcast with me, Michelle Gregory. I am very pleased to have made it to episode 21 and I'm glad to say that I think this might be the fourth week in a row that an episode has gone out without me stopping, which I think is quite good. I know self-praise in this case is definitely no praise, but any who.


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So this week I am going to talk about the top ten things I want to be knitting right now. And it was funny because I sat down to think about this and thought, what do I actually want to be knitting? And I think it's kind of tough actually, because I can't. So I'm not knitting, but I am looking at just about every knitting site and Pinterest and all sorts.


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And I'm actually not that fussed about anything. I think it's because every time I think of knitting my shoulder is like, Hey, how are you doing? I'm just going to give you a little pinch or twinge. Like, actually, you know, where you kind of develop an adverse, a bit like a Pavlovian response where, you know, you ring a bell and I'm like, Oh, that hurts.


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So I think that's what's doing it. I'm like, I feel like I have this kind of aversion to it because it hurts. Which probably makes sense, but it means picking out things I really want to make. Well, I suppose it makes it more focused as opposed to it being not possible at all. So I went through all of the usual things that I would knit, and I thought, what do I not feel like?


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So I thought No, shawls, there'll always be socks. That's slightly separate. No cowls, no hats, no leg warmers. Not that I did a lot of leg warmers. I was like, OK, so I obviously don't want small accessory things. And then I was thinking, Ooh, what about Homeware? I want more blankets. But the truth is, is that our house is full of blankets.


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Like, there are bought blankets, knit blankets, crochet blankets, or for blankets there's just too many blankets. And then I'm like, maybe I should make them and give them away. And then I'm. I'm thinking at the moment, if I'm going to knit, I'm going to keep it, or I'm going to do some work knitting although I probably should anyway talk about gifting knitting later on.


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So I was like like, OK, so I'm not going to make blankets at the moment, or if I am, I might crochet them, but I'm going to talk about the C-word word later on. So now that I have excluded probably I would say 75% of the options that are there, what am I going to make? So thinking more, I do neeed some sweaters.


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I love a sweater, although I haven't knit a sweater for myself in ages. I think that's because I never finish the four ply sweater that I was making for Simon, and I don't feel like going back to us. And it's kind of soon there is a kind of a you're not allowed to finish the sweater, which is silly because it's not like I don't cast on many pairs of other socks.


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You know, not finishing a pair of socks hardly means I can't start another pair, so why shouldn't it be the same for sweaters? But I don't really feel like a sweater. I have a lot of sweaters as well over the years. I think that's another thing about knitting is what do you do with it? If you love it, I suppose you become a sample knitter in a way but


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I would make a very unreliable sample knitter at the moment, which then brought me to the idea that actually what I really want is a cardigan and I think that's what I'm in the mood for. I think I've been in the mood for a cardigan for quite a while, which might seem funny, but I think that's what it was. I was thinking.


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I was like, Oh, what do I want? And I think you have kind of everything has like a season and I think they say so. I think for me I'm looking towards next winter when there's going to be like a battle royale in this house over the thermostat and it's, it's not going to be pretty. So I'm planning like massive amounts of wooly cardigan things for me as I try to battle Simon for the remove, not the remote, the thermostat.


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We actually just did a random kind of an aside. He is definitely the controller of the thermostat, mostly because I couldn't be bothered to work out how it all works. And he's always fiddling with the boiler and turning it up and down. And sometimes it's on automatic and sometimes it's on manual. And we have one of those portable thermostats which travels around the house turn up, you know, I get that it can be efficient and such, but I'm I'm always a bit suspicious of it.


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I suppose I should really just figure out how it works and then probably hide it from him


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And I don't think I'd be alone, actually. And I don't say that lightly because I think with the rising price of gas and I know nobody listens to me talk about the economy but it's quite frightening. Definitely a frightening prospect. So I think cardigans are probably on my mind subconsciously as well as we look towards next winter and needing to stay warm.


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So yeah, I decided eventually on cardigans. So once I made that decision, I thought, right, I need to find ten cardigans that I would knit and that should seem really easy because I have many, many, many knitting books. But as it turns out, I don't want to make anything out of any of them. I think that might be everybody else is like, No, I liked that at one point, but now I don't want to make it


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And even though as I look at them, I realize that some of the cardigans I picked out are probably some of the books, but I picked them up from the Internet because why would I why would I look through all of my dozens of lovely pattern books when I could just search for them on the Internet. And so I have now found ten lovely patterns that I'm going to just talk about as well.


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Of course, I should be work knitting and I am because I have about 12 ish designs on my list that I really need to either fully design or complete kind of swapping over from four ply to DK, or whatever. But I'm going to do that separately. I feel like I need something for myself as well at this stage and something to do a future episode on.


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And it's a question I'm asked a lot is should I monetize my hobby? One drawback of doing this is you always feel like you should be productively doing your hobby, which can spoil, but I'll definitely talk more about that in a later episode.


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I don't actually know how people pick out patterns for themselves, which is a little bit foolish in a way, because I sell patterns, so I should probably have done a little bit more research. I do know that people like sock patterns, but when I'm going to looking for patterns, I think about a number of different things, which I'll share.


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just in case it's useful to you. So when I was thinking about the cardigan, I was thinking about what suits me as opposed to what is popular around at the moment. So there is a lot of cardigans chunky, chunky, super chunky, crazy chunky cardigans, and I fancy both of them. They look great, but they're just not what I would wear myself.


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If I think about a cardigan that I'm going to buy and wear, it's not those. So that's kind of one of my criteria is this Would I buy this in a shop as well as make it for myself? And I think that's one of my big criterion actually, when I find myself pinning things on Pinterest, which I love Pinterest I think I've been pinning for over a decade now.


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Well, I don't know how long it's been around, but I've been feeling quite the while anyway. I think I've pinned the Internet to a board at this stage and I tend to if I'm going to design, I tend to pick out things I would wear myself, and most of them I would consider to be quite boring, quite classical, quite timeless. So I'm very I'm quite conservative, particularly when you're dressing someone like of my shape for myself and oh no, I'm not talking about anyone else.


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I'm talking about myself in this situation, by the way. I think about what I wear myself. So this the first thing is what I wear is the second thing I was looking for is yarn was a and at the moment I'm not knitting for play because I'm finding for some reason that it's giving me more difficulty than a heavyweight yarn.


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So I was definitely starting as DK, preferably into an aran weight, one for warmth and two for speed because I want a little bit of a fast turnaround and this just kind of just to enjoy it, get it done quickly so that I can kind of have a bit of a win because I feel like I need a personal knit that gives me a win at the moment, which is probably very sad, but it's just how it is.


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I think it's important to know where you are when you're picking a pattern. You know, there are times for four ply and then there are times that are definitely not for 4ply. Then the next thing I normally go for is the overall kind of construction. I don't mind seaming things together. I wouldn't want to after last week's episode and then I, I look for what the shoulder shaping is so I don't want to kind of a non shaped yoke style cardigan and I want a bit of a structure.


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Yes, and then I look at how much work I want to do after that. So did I want fairisle? No, I just don't feel like a yoke at the moment. I don't like colorful design, although I have to say the sea glass sweater from wool and pine is definitely calling my name, but I think it's calling my name because it will help me use up a lot of yarn that I have my scraps.


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That's a slightly different call. That I'm hearing from there. So this is kind of structured, not too much work, so a lot of nice stocking stitch, but with a kind of a good overall structure and appearance so something kind of a little bit different, but a little bit not different. And you can kind of tell I went into this quite open to suggestions, so I search then.


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So I started with Ravelry. Now I know that there is still quite a bit about Ravelry. I have to say that I will always remain mystified as to why you wouldn't respond better to customer complaints that were genuine. I just don't understand it from a business perspective. And sometimes I say to myself, Should I stop using Ravelry completely?


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But as somebody who works in the industry, it's quite difficult to leave Ravelry one because they are hands down are one of the easiest, the best, not easiest, best platforms to use for finding things. Most of the designers are on there, and I need to stay informed as to what my customers are buying. The vast majority of my customers still use it.


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Then part of me is am I just supporting something that has not been made sufficiently accessible for everybody? And it's a it's a tough one. I'm still on there. I still sell my patterns through there, and I still buy patterns from there. It's a difficult one to balance. I still don't know the right answer for myself. Whatever decision you have made for yourself as well as your decision, I try to make things that I control as accessible as possible, and that's my commitment that I can do.


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You know, I do the best that I can myself. So with that, said Ravelry, but any of the patterns that I'm sharing and I'll put links to all of these in the show notes where possible, I will post where there is an alternative or I will list. I will indicate that they are RAvelry only links so people can make the choice as to whether or not they go and look at those patterns.


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And I think that's the best that all of us can do, really. Is to kind of make the best decisions. We can just start like always. I was like, OK, I just picking cardigan patterns and then I very quickly filtered out children's cardigans, which were all over the top, which is I find really fast. I find it so fascinating as to what comes up where.


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So bye bye children's cardigans, I almost exclude crochet, but for the first time in ages I did not. But then I put in all aran cardigans and which is quite good actually, because putting an aran means that you get rid of a lot of the twin sets. And I'm not in the mood for making a twin set at all, there are a lot more twin sets out there than I thought there was.


00:11:30:07 - 00:11:56:01 

And if you search on Etsy, there is way more twin sets than I was expecting. I'm not in the mood for twin set at the moment. I think I find myself I think of myself probably is just a little bit too soft for twins. I know it's a random thing. Don't we all have really strange ideas about ourselves that are really hard to explain that you only ever reveal while rambling on a podcast but enough about that.


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So I narrowed it down and then I picked out about five patterns, most of which have links to other places. So I was using that as a bit of a barometer as well as like, but also I was picking them up based on the shape So shape, weight and a little bit of color, how they were presented, was there enough pictures, etc and I picked up kind of five from there, but then I went through and I kept scrolling and I was on about page ten.


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I was like, right now I'm going to go to my trusty folk that I always go to. So I started with Erika Knight. And on Erika Knight's site, I actually found a brand new designer. So she must she's worked obviously in Erika's yarn and then she has her own patterns and then I went to her pattern. Her name is Let me rustle some papers.


00:12:37:14 - 00:12:58:05 

Her name is, Let Me See, Regina Moessmer is her name it's the Karu Cardigan. But I'll talk more about the different cardigans. But I have to say, I was glad I followed that rabbit hole because I came to her site and you know, when you meet, you see a designer and you think, oh, I would make pretty much everything you design.


00:12:58:11 - 00:13:15:07 

So I was really pleased that that's a great cardigan, but I'll talk about specific cardigans then I went to Caro Feller's website where I found another one, Tin Can Knits and then Coco Knits. And the reason that I like to have a set of designers who I go to for pretty much anything I'm planning to make is because I know if I like their style.


00:13:15:09 - 00:13:34:17 

B they're very well written and see, they're kind of I'm guaranteed good fit, great styling that works for me, et cetera, et cetera. And I think and also they're also very accessible. So everybody in that list has their own websites where people can access the patterns through. And then I went on a bit of a tour following some of those around, and I like that too.


00:13:35:02 - 00:13:56:16 

I also checked on Etsy. No, I was not as pleased with the Etsy search as I was with, say, Ravelry. And the reason is, is that the algorithm on Etsy rewards different things. So they're not rewarding this ability or popularity or that kind of thing, which I think Etsy's does, or, that Ravelry does.. So it's hard to know because obviously they change all the time.


00:13:57:00 - 00:14:17:12 

Etsy rewards keywords, popular patterns, advertising, etc., which is fine. You know, if you were on Etsy, which I now have a pattern library on, you have to work with that, you know, in the knowledge that that exists. But it meant that I was seeing a lot of commercial patterns rather than those from indie, which is what I would normally look for.


00:14:18:03 - 00:14:40:17 

So I that was it. And then I picked out my favorite ten that I saw and they're all actually quite similar, I think. But you'll be amazed. I I did find one pattern that is only in German, but I'm going to have to be forgiven for that and I have found one that is in crochet. And again, I would ask for forgiveness of that.


00:14:41:01 - 00:15:04:09 

So the patterns I've chosen are the Felix Cardigan for Amy Christoffers. It's because it's fluffy, it's a little bit shorter than I would wear, but I love a dress so I was thinking, right, if I had a summer dress, not that summery, I would be able to wear this with this. My next cardigan is the Ramona Cardigan by Elizabeth Smith knits, and it's the first time I've seen any of hers.


00:15:04:15 - 00:15:31:14 

But I really liked it because it's very structured and while it has large bands, which I think is sometimes something that puts me off cardigans because that can look a bit funny. I really like this. I like the construction of it. It looks kind of like you could wear Be Really Tough for the winter. My next one is the Willow Cardigan, which is a crochet cardigan, and I think it's one of those ones that you just flap around in and I'm not sure I would make it, but I kind of fancy just kind of giving the crochet a bit of a go, a bit of a run out.


00:15:33:01 - 00:15:56:16

Then I found a cardigan that you can knit in lots of different yarn weights, so you either get a very fine effect of the fabric or you get a very dense one depending on the yarn with that you choose. And I really like that. That is the Cadenza cardigan by Anna Krzyżaks I will make sure that I get that written correctly in the the show notes so that you can find that for sure.


00:15:56:23 - 00:16:15:11 

I don't think it's available off Ravelry though. But I will have a look. My next one is the Quickie cardigan from Amy Gunderson, and I just I don't know why I liked it so much. I think it was because the word like quickie because I wanted something super quick. And for those of you who think of other things with that shame on you.


00:16:15:15 - 00:16:33:03 

PG 12 here at the Get Knit Done podcast most of the time. Only thing I would say about it is that it could be something that could turn into a bit of a housecoat and that like, you just wear it around like you want a house course. And I'm not entirely sure I want to go for that, although I probably do.


00:16:33:09 - 00:16:53:09 

Actually I totally want to go for a kind of a housecoat look for the whole winter. Anyway, I really like that. I thought it was super cute. My, my, my fifth one is the Regina Moessmer pattern, the Karu that I just loved that has a great I think it's just there's something some of it might be the yarn that it's written in, but I like the structure.


00:16:53:09 - 00:17:14:23 

It's got that Batwing sleeve that I really like and it has like the collar is nice and it just it looked like something that I could definitely wear. Next choice is Autumn Whispers by Carol Feller. I might take the cabling out of it, but only because I just I wouldn't cable and then there're not actually cables, they're more like kind of like little waves.


00:17:14:23 - 00:17:38:13 

They're really lovely, like whispers. I guess that makes sense, doesn't it? But I just love that. But anything by Carol Feller, I love her patterns. I just love the way they're written and structured as well. I thought that was a really nice have in your wardrobe pattern when I popped over to the Tin Can Knits site. I saw the Play Date adult size. The Play Date, I believe is a four ply pattern, but I might make an exception if I was making that.


00:17:38:19 - 00:17:59:18 

They are. They have great cardigans. The problem with Tin Can Knits, is that they have too many great patterns. That's not true. You can't have too many good patterns. But I could have spent ages there going oh, they all look so great. And also something about TIn Can Knits, if you aren't familiar with them, where have you been? A No, but b they take beautiful photographs and they're samples always really pristine.


00:17:59:18 - 00:18:17:05 

They're made. Sometimes people rush a sample. I am very guilty of that. I never think that when I see Tin Can Knits patterns, I always think those samples are beautifully made, beautifully finished, which means that it is possible to finish to that level. I think they're always really, you know, you really aspire to that level of finish. I think that you see.


00:18:17:05 - 00:18:37:08 

And there's then over on the CoCo Knits site, I found Ally, which is a pattern thatI actually have in my Ravelry library that I keep meaning to make. It's a double knitting weight. It's a bit more elegant than the other. Not that they're not elegant, but it has a particularly what I would consider a more structured formal look to it, but of course it has that English tailoring which is the CoCoKnits method


00:18:38:04 - 00:19:01:23 

So it looks really beautifully made, double knitting and has an intarsia sleeve, which I quite fancy because I think intarsia gets a bad name, you know, has a bad reputation, you know, has those old motifs in the middle of 80s sweaters, which I absolutely adore. So oh, no shade for the lovely sweaters. But I just I think it elevates your intarsia and.


00:19:01:23 - 00:19:20:06

I think it gives intarsia like a chance, which may seem a bit daft in a way. And it does, as I say, but I think we will worry about that later. The other thing that that I found one last cardigan which I really liked is the Vanja cardigan where I'm going to say it's from Pascuali Designs designs which are an Italian yarn house.


00:19:20:06 - 00:19:52:23

I think that is really nice. It is a chunky, but it's something about it that's very, very special plus it's off Ravelry, which I think it's really good. So at least half of those are and by the time I found the show notes, I have all of those marked up as to where you can find them. I did find a number of things also as you can imagine when you start looking in from the 1999 which is a sweater from tin can knits which I think I actually have in a book, but I hadn't, you know, sometimes something doesn't jump out at you, you think quite I shouldn't know and I think that is what I


00:19:52:23 - 00:20:19:06

fancy as well. Although I just turned my head and I saw the inspired by Islay book by Kate Davis and while I have failed to knit the OA, I ripped that out for anyone who knows I was knitting is there is a blanket in that that she has that is most magnificent and I might knit that as well as I say it that was that's how quickly my head is turned quite literally by looking to the left to my bookshelf which are the 1999 sweaters struck me as really nice.


00:20:19:14 - 00:20:35:02

I did find a few other things on my travels and lots of patterns I would do, but I think I'm pretty happy with my cardigan choice. I will definitely be making some of them. I think I might start with the Karu. I do need to find the kind of aran that I want for it. I'm not sure actually.


00:20:35:10 - 00:21:04:05

I'm very tempted by Nua Worsted Weight. So the yarn that is Carol Feller developed with Fyberspates possibly, or with the same company that Fyberspates is made by. And that's a beautiful yarn. It's a linen silk, wool. No linen. Yes, it's a really nice blend, has a really nice heather look in it. So I kind of tempted by that small bit of a problem with that is that I think it makes the sweater 135 odd pounds.


00:21:05:19 - 00:21:21:10

But you know what? I'm not going to think about that. One thing about garments and I'm wearing actually I'm wearing a sweater where the yarn probably cost me I don't even want to talk about it. It's pre the loveliest yarn company back when I, you know, I had to reward myself for going in and out of London three or four days a week.


00:21:21:18 - 00:21:47:00 

It's an original Toft chunky alpaca, 100% from the farm back when, you know, back when they were a smaller business than they are now and I don't want to talk about the price, but it has worn and worn and worn. Look, I've had this for seven years maybe, and I never stop wearing it. And it's for that reason that I might invest in the kind of, you know, the aran quality for that or, you know, what I might knit it in as well.


00:21:47:00 - 00:22:08:06

The West Yorkshire spinners fleece, their aran weight undyed in the mid brown that they do really, really nice as well. Super snugly. 100% wool, all British fleece. So I might do that as well, except sometimes I don't like as a yarn shop owner, I don't like to always knit things in the yarn that isn't accessible to people. But also then I'm like, this is for me.


00:22:08:06 - 00:22:29:03

So I don't need it to be a work sample. So kind of humming and hawing. I may knit it in the nua. We shall see. Right, so that's the first one. The second one I'm going to make is probably the Ally. I really love the look of it Now, again, I'm having that debate with myself. I'm like, Do I want it in Banshee Yarns Tibetan Silk DK which I think it will be glorious in or do I want to make that one in Coop Knits


00:22:29:03 - 00:22:55:12

Socks Yeah DK, which is a superb yarn very affordable, washes really well, not as shiny as silk DK, but I'll have that debate later because I'm not I'm not in a hurry to dive into the Banshee Yarns stock at the moment. I think it'll definitely be the Karu that I go for first. And so that my dears it's just I guess in a way, this episode has been a little bit of an odd tour of my thought process.


00:22:55:12 - 00:23:23:21

Somebody is very Irish as I try to get my Ts and my THs out together in the same sentence tour and thought, hmm, and yeah. So thank you for coming along on a tour of my mind. As I pick out some patterns, I'm going to update the show notes with this. I put in links to all of those patterns off ravelry where possible, and then I am going to, yeah, going to buy the Karu pattern and then see if it is actually just on that.


00:23:24:03 - 00:23:48:01

I have not looked at the quality of some of these patterns. I'm going on the basis that they are probably going to be great if I have a new designer. Something I do check is I look at the Ratings on Ravelry for them, or I look for comments that people have made on their pattern pages, et cetera. I never judge though, because I'm paying like, you know, when you're paying four or £5 for something, it's worth the risk of it.


00:23:48:15 - 00:24:07:09

But that brings me to next week's episode. Oh, no, it doesn't. Next week's episode, I have a very exciting guest coming for the desert island knits. I can't believe we're back to another. No, we're not. We are around to another episode of that. I'm way ahead of myself. Very funny. I'm pre-recording this. So, yeah, I'm back to another desert island knits


00:24:07:09 - 00:24:24:03

It's not going to tell you it is because I have two people and we're kind of waiting to see who's available. Both of them are very exciting and very lovely. And the following week, then I'm going to be talking about the price of knitting patterns. So do join me for that? That is another I feel like I spend my time going.


00:24:24:03 - 00:24:41:00

This is a controversial subject in the knitting community, and I kind of can't believe it. I speak to obviously other podcasters and kind of other business people just kind of community and networking and meeting people. And when I say that I'm going to record a controversial episode about knitting people people look at me as if I've gone out. They say


00:24:41:00 - 00:25:00:01

Like that can't be the case. And I'm like, you have no idea. And I think it's because we hold knitting so dear well, that's my hope. My hope is that because it's so dear to us, we are very defensive of it. We don't need to be, but we are. And I'm hoping that it is our pride and love of the craft as opposed to being a particularly thorny community.


00:25:00:01 - 00:25:16:17

But I'm not going to go into that just yet. We will talk about that in a couple of weeks time. So that's it. My dears, if you are knitting cardigans I would love to know your recommendations. You could always email me or you can get in touch with me via Instagram. You'll find Get Knit Done podcast, you find me at Knit School from TLYC.


00:25:16:23 - 00:25:32:01 

You can get me in DM's there on Facebook and the Facebook group, the Knnit Amtters Facebook group, anywhere you want. I would love to know what you're making, particularly if it's cardigans. I'd love to hear how you choose your cardigans I love knowing how everybody else thinks about what it is when they go after a particular category of knit.


00:25:32:14 - 00:25:51:22

And with that said, my dear is I'm going to finish here and I'm going to go and Get Knit Done. Just two little notes as I finish editing that together and re listening to it. One is you could always have a drinking game to how often I say the word structured, although you might find yourself in very big trouble very quickly.


00:25:52:05 - 00:26:05:09

Secondly, if you are popping over to the show notes, don't forget to download your checklist for learning to knit or teaching folks to knit. It's still there waiting for you, my dears. And with that said, I really am going to go and Get Knit Done.