Episode 17, Reflections

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Michelle : Please welcome to episode 17 of the Get It Done podcast with me, Michelle Gregory. Hello, lovelies. Mike I know, I know. It's hardly that exciting. It's not like I have disappeared before, but this time I really am back because I have a new plan and everything Um, I guess I should say where I was. So for a while there, I became a knitter who could not knit.

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And actually, I'm still a knitter who shouldn't be knitting. I've done myself a bit of a mischief. My right shoulder and the nerves in my back are having a bit of a problem with it. A bit of a row way, which I think is it. That's a nice way of saying I essentially have some nerve issues in my back and while I try to trivialize them, they're not ideal, but I am working on it.

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And even as I sit here now, I am straightening my back to make sure that I am sitting a bit better. A lot of it is posture related, as you can imagine, but I am waiting for an MRI appointment so that I can have a look because it's pretty important that my shoulder works, although I say that it's pretty important that everybody's shoulders work.

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So I am just waiting on that. It has been, you know, I don't want to overexaggerate It's been a pin the tail of not being able to knit. But like there are much worse things in this world. But it's weird. I have felt a little bit strange in that I have not known what to do with myself in the evenings.

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I really didn't know what to do, and I still don't know what to do because I you know, I feel weird watching TV, particularly without knitting. I feel like it's a waste of time. But of course, that's not everybody has a way of, you know, winding down with some interesting stuff. But I still feel a little bit lost and, you know, cueing for things, traveling in the car, all those things where you normally fill that time with knitting, I've had nothing to do.

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I feel like someone should probably give me a fidget spinner. Maybe I do need a fidget spinner. Maybe. Still, the thing I'm sure there's something I can finish with. In a way, I suppose it's a bit of a cautionary tale, and anything I say from here on in is not medical advice. It is my own personal experience. My shoulder problem has been coming for quite a while.

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When I think about us, I suppose I let it go on the basis that I thought it was RSI. And there's, you know, I would just leave with this, but it kind of came to a head. And this is another what I think some of my med school members are like, see, OK, I was like, I'm just going to go I was going to gray out slightly afterwards.

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And then the following day I reached up over my head. So what you do when you are like a really big stretch, I put both hands above my head and once you know that lovely feeling you get when you pull out your back muscles and it's lovely. Well, I do that and I have to say I helped out and pain which of course I haven't come running, which is quite a good sign.

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But in that moment, I had like it was really strange. So those moments where you're watching a film and somebody and it says and then I sort of had this out-of-body moment and I actually had one where my brain was like part, oh my goodness, I'm in excruciating pain. And the other part was like, oh, this is what it's like when you can't move your arm.

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I didn't know that this was what it would be like. And I honestly, it was it was as if I was voicing over my own life with the Big Brother voice, sort of like 7:45 a.m.. Sharon has found herself in an unpredictable situation. At that point, I rang the doctor for an appointment. I was very fortunate and that I was able to get a physio appointment that day, and he delivered the news that it was not in fact, RSI So he's given me some very good advice.

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A lot of it is posture related, and I'm just finishing up a course of anti-inflammatories. The option was there for me to take a painkiller as well. But I have to say I'm one of these people who's very responsive to medication. So my eyes are out of my head for the first two weeks on an ordinary anti-inflammatory. And about a week and a half ago, I started to feel a lot more human, which is why you'll see that there's things going on online again.

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And the podcast is back because four and I hadn't really realized since the start of the year and the year before, I'd been kind of working through was, you know, daily pain. Yes. You kind of get used to it. So I'm definitely a lot more conscious of that now. And I will be looking after my back a lot better and doing what the physio has taught me, sitting better, living better, and all sorts like that.

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I have to say a big thank you to my lovely, lovely friend Lisa who bought me, and this is just one of those things, a breastfeeding pillow to put under my arm to rest it out. And I have to say it's been fabulous and I haven't been missing. So it is eventually to be used for knitting, but now I just use it for sittings.

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The physio did say to raise my arm, particularly when traveling in the car and stuff so that it's not pulling the muscle or the nerve into the muscles or whatever is in my back and it's been amazing. So yeah, get yourselves a boppy as they call them in Scotland for anything. I might save your save your shoulder, a little bit of undue strain.

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And of course before that I was away with my family, so I had the best intentions of coming back from that and immediately getting back into kind of my focused life and doing my podcast. But I kind of came home and I was like with the pain in my shoulder and I guess I was a little bit like, Oh, me, I miss them because I do.

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And it's got me thinking a lot about how I eventually get back to Ireland with Simon, which is something that we have talked about and it's definitely always been on the cards clip been here for. I suppose I've lived here on and off since I was a boy. I've lived in the UK on and off since I was about 2324, sorry.

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When I started the job was a company in Dublin and the following Monday I was sent to Belfast for six months and spent two years there. I came back from the project in Belfast to be told I was flying to Leicester in a couple of weeks time for another project and I haven't really lived in Ireland except kind of six months period.

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And the last since I was 24, which is, oh my goodness, it's six years, 18 year, 18 years. So I've been living here, I've been living away from Ireland for about 18 years on and off, and I just, I get the call from home like I'm not about my family. I'm very, very, very, very lucky that I get on really well with them.

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It's like those means, you see, like when you're young they have a picture of to like people like tearing the heads off one another. And then later on they're like getting on really well. I think we were definitely like that. I think I might have been the problem as well, but we'll talk about that. I look towards Ireland quite a bit now, and I think it's something we've been talking about as well.

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So there's been that has been in my head. I've been kind of a bit lonesome here for Ireland and for my family, but you know what? You too realistic to move in country takes quite a bit of effort. Plus, I like it here. You know, I like being in the UK. You know, the NHS is always I'm not thrilled about the government, but you know, government in Ireland, government in the UK, are they that much better?

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Who knows? I don't know. I think it is clear that call. I think a lot of Irish people hear that call a lot, actually. Funny story. My great grandmother. Yes, went to New York to be addressed center and she went and she was followed three times by my great grandfather to bring her home they eventually married and say Patrick's Cathedral Cathedral in New York.

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But then they came home. He sold his bike to go and get her so that he could afford the exclusive ferry. That's not right. To get the ship so that he could bring her home. So I guess Irish people, either we go and we stay away forever and we kind of, you know, borrowing a place or we get called home eventually.

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But we shall see. We shall see. No whole rush around thing. But it is why you will see me. And I think I've been spending the last few weeks on that basis kind of reshaping some of the business aspects of what I'm doing. So that at least there's a possibility of it. And I think it's you know, I think as I think the pandemic for a lot of people and I think the passing of Simon's dad and I think also I don't know, I just I get the call, you know, you you get to a point in your life where these things are just certain things are important and I think that's actually helped me

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a lot with my business and with my life, actually. Just things that are important are my family, my friends, my creatures, and just being with those people, you know, of course, financial security and stability and all those other things. But I guess for me, I'm in the position where I I just want to be near my family. Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere.

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I'm just kind of I think I'm planning is just kind of a catharsis. So you'll see a lot of things changing, including the podcast a little bit. And I'll talk about that in a moment. And then obviously with Night School and the lovely seven coming, I'll talk about that too, because I guess I have a lot of crossover between the three of them.

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And I think I have I have listeners from kind of all three, so I might as well talk about it here on the podcast, but much more exciting to move on to what's actually going on here as I guess T Aloisi get it done with school headquarters and there's lots of different moving parts none of which are very extreme, but all which I'm kind of trying to get to fit together a little bit better and this is something I've been do for a while because about I suppose it's 18 months ago I merged bunch of yarns into the loveliest hair and company and now I'm just kind of doing a bit more merging and tidying.

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I'm going to be bringing the podcast closer to knit school because I think there's great value in, you know, what's in this school and also great value and kind of combining that with the podcast because it gives me more interesting things to talk about. It will be taught in a school and totally not totally techniques. It will still be lots of pot and chat and desert island nits and stuff, but I want to kind of combine the lot of the technique stuff and talking about kind of knitting knowledge, which they fit really well together.

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A few people have also asked me if I'm going to set up a coffee or a page, an account with the podcast, and I'm not because I just I don't think I need to add any more channels or things to my life. If you want to support the podcast, you know, share it like cash. Five star ratings are always greatly appreciated because the more of those that I guess the more likely Apple is to show it to other people or a Spotify resource to people as well.

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You are also most welcome to visit my brand unit school Etsy store for patterns if you fancy them. I have standalone courses, so really patrol and coffee are for people that don't have like a product offering that you can support if you want to. But again, likes shares and recommendations to friends are like the most glorious things for podcast.

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So thank you to people who have been emailing me. That is very, very kind. But you know, there's lots of things just sharing, greeting, happy times. They're all really, really appreciated. The biggest change is probably coming to the loveliest yarn company slowly as I reshape it into a business that I still stock. I still want to stock really nice handmade yarns, but I want to stock less books and single leaflet patterns except my own because they just don't sell particularly well anymore because a lot of people have moved to digital patterns or people like to buy individual patterns from yarn shops or shows, and that's super.

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I still sell a lot of my own patterns because I have the yards to go with them, but having a huge range of unknown patterns is you know, online printed patterns is no longer where the market is. So kind of closing down that part of my business, I continue to stock some, but not as many. I'm also looking at the accessories that I stock.

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There is a particular brand that sells really well, but the quality is not what it was, in my opinion. Not thrilled. So kind of looking at, you know, new products to stock this place because it's nice to have exciting accessories and obviously as a bonus and it's cool people get a discount on that. So I always want to have lovely things from the school numbers I'm also going to try to keep stocking nice handmade yards from other indie dyers.

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I'll still have Banshee Yarns, although I have to admit that not only have I not been able to do this recently, but I certainly haven't been able to die. And actually, I think I'll be knitting before I'm dying again because the dying there's actually quite a lot of physical effort. This it's that is actually almost more frustrating because at the moment I have a really great idea for yak minis and I want to reenact my Helix Socks in five different colors of yak minis.

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But there is nobody in this house and there's nobody knitting is there's also certainly nobody dying. But you know what? That it only be a feeling of it. Sorry for myself. I just that's not that's not good enough for me. But yeah, I'm going to be looking at that. There will be more bench translated, but just as soon as I get my arm back and I other than that, it's more that I want to do.

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Like, I want to do more kits and gifts and base things because it's I think we have reached I think we've not reached peak yarn, but I think we have reached peak on allocated yarn. I feel a little less and I want to you know, I want to help people get more use of their yarn that they already have.

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And I think that's part of what knit school is about. Like, it's about getting people, you know, getting people knitting better and more advanced and getting people knitting full stop, et cetera, et cetera. So I kind of that's I feel like that's my calling in the art industry now is to kind of move towards kind of giving the joy of knitting to more people and kind of getting people, you know, to where they are able to get more joy out of us, even if they're already knitting.

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And I want that. And I and to be fair, that part of my business is more portable. I mean, I'm talking a lot about business on this, but I it's kind of nice to explain, I guess, where where I'm headed and why there probably be different things and stuff that you'd hear as well on the podcast. And I really enjoy it.

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I really enjoy running a business, not only just the yarn side of it, but I really like running a business. I like planning it. I like doing all the different things around us. And I guess since I haven't been able to knit as well, it has been there's been a lot of interfering in different aspects of my business as well.

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And it's just been really it's been good to take time actually to say, right, what are you doing now? It's been I'm going up to my third birthday for my insurance, my second birthday for middle school and the sixth birthday of the loveliest parent company. So I'm kind of I'm at the point where I'm no great. It's been you know, it's been six years now.

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Where am I going next? And that is very much in the direction of my school. I want to do more in the industry. I guess I want to be part of like a positive change in the industry and that I want to support locally owned shops, getting more people teaching as well. Because I think there's sometimes I see I talk to local dancer owners and they're not sure how to deliver classes and I'd love to be part of that.

00:15:17:16 - 00:15:34:00

I see Dyers doing beautiful things, but they don't have time to do teaching or I see teachers who, you know, have these great skills and great talents and don't always know how to get that out there sometimes. And I really want to be part of all that because I I love our community and I really I love knitting.

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I love what it does for me and for the people I know that I see and love. And I think it's just I don't know. I know that that sounds really corny, but I do. And I really believe it. And I think things are hard for a lot of people at the moment. Small businesses, you know, individuals, everything I don't want to be a donor because I don't.

00:15:51:22 - 00:16:11:07

We listen to this podcast for Michelle's financial views on the Warrens, but I want to bring better things to people. You know, that we have some you know, that we maintain the industry as it is. We've lost a lot of dollars recently, you other small businesses. And I think that we can together band together and, you know, make it work.

00:16:11:07 - 00:16:29:07

You know, if I'm helping more knitter, if we create more knitters, then we get to keep lots of yarn shops. So we get to keep diaries, we get to kind of keep our community and, you know, that's kind of where I am at the moment and it's, it's a good place to be. I think, you know, we all need to spend a little bit of time going raise my doing the right thing here.

00:16:29:13 - 00:16:57:19

Is this where I ultimately want to go? And I think for me as well is that with Ireland in mind, it's very focusing. You know, it's like that is my ultimate goal. How do I do it? And building a sustainable business that benefits, you know, our community and the people in it, you know, they kind of hopefully all add up to, you know, nice you know, me back in Ireland, my family and people coming to retreats and aren't, I know, way, way, way, way down the road.

00:16:58:12 - 00:17:22:01

But anyway, enough of that very serious to us. I am quite focused at the moment on when I get back to knitting and I have a ton of design plans and a lot of knitting plans. I think I've seen so many projects that I want to knit since I couldn't miss that. I'm like raring to go. As soon as I kind of get the go ahead.

00:17:22:12 - 00:17:42:22

The only knitting I'm allowed to do now at the moment is knit school classes and technique. Tuesdays but as soon as I have the all clear to go into and I have a pre a sweater design that I'm working on that I'm very excited about, I have double knit. I'm actually translating a lot of my four place patterns into double and a pattern.

00:17:42:22 - 00:18:05:02

So I've written I have written the outlines for those patterns based on, you know, what I think the gauge will be based on other my other DKA SOC pattern. And I'm married to go, but I cannot samples at the moment, but I'm ready. It's just something I want to work on. I also I have a couple of patterns I want to rinse and all the yarns and all sorts of exciting things.

00:18:05:09 - 00:18:37:08

So I would love, love, love love. If people who are saying if you are posting about this or you're posting either in the Facebook group or on Instagram and you're listening to this, do tag me and your name sounds like can knit vicariously through you because it's going to be I think it's going to be maybe excluding work knitting, which I have to do, and I'm doing it in kind of bursts where I, you know, I work until I'm doing 45 minutes of an arrest when I'm making videos, it's going to be a while before I'm back knitting.

00:18:37:08 - 00:19:01:23

Seriously, I would say it's probably going to be at least June. Oh, and as I say, yes, I'm like, No, it could be July. As well. But, you know, that's how it is. And actually, I might finish the podcast at this kind of point now cause like I'm like, Oh, so many things to think about. And I would say if you are knitting and you are like, I have been where you could sit and knit all day.

00:19:02:07 - 00:19:24:03

So this isn't medical advice, but do remember your posture? And to get up and move around and stretch yourself out and if you are having any kind of issues as well, do talk to your doctor because you just this has definitely been a bit of a wake up call for me and I'd like to share that experience so that you don't find yourself like knitting lists.

00:19:24:07 - 00:19:44:20

Surely I have projects and drawers and boxes all ready to go and I'm just sitting here kicking my heels. And if you're like me as well, I'll hands. I, I'm I used to say at work because I used to be a bit giddy. I needed settling in my or my twenties. I used to say, oh, a board so that's a bold Michelle.

00:19:45:05 - 00:20:15:21

Well, that's no longer the case because I've grown up a small person, thank goodness. And it is definitely the case that work could be found for idle hands. And I find myself tinkering in the website. I actually I think I can now confess to us. I recently just middle of the day didn't tell anyone. I just swapped like from one hosting provider to the other and changed all the settings and everything and just held my breath and I was like, What are you doing like I knew what I was doing to be fair.

00:20:15:21 - 00:20:38:22

And I have Simon, who is like my ultimate backup, although he would not have recommended what I did. But it's like Oh, what will I do now? What will I interfere with? What will I touch? So I'm like, Oh, you need to get back to nursing before. Like, I don't know, I had every bell and whistle, and if you been to the website, I feel like I'm embroidering the websites and my businesses are kind of interfering in my own life because I can't nurse.

00:20:39:06 - 00:21:06:04

And yeah, I know. Anyway, on that note, look after yourselves and then only if you are able do get it all going well, next week is an episode of Desert Island. It's sort of very, very exciting. A guest who is the most amazing diary. And then the following week I'm going to be talking about why sometimes the easiest thing missing is not always the right one.

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Speaker 1

So it's a little bit controversial, but I think it's definitely worth saying so that's it, my dear, is an away again go getting it done.