Get the most from Knit School

All of our masterclasses are designed to help you get the best out of your knitting.  Here you'll find all of the masterclasses that have been released since Knit School launched in June 2020.

New to knitting? Visit Getting Started  which contains the Learn to Knit masterclass (new version coming in June 2021), Colour School 1 & Short Rows 1.

Fancy some quick fixes? Pop over to Upgrade your Knitting  and start with the Finishing School masterclass.  This is also a great place to start working with colour as it includes Colour School 1.

In the Most Popular category you'll find some of our most popular masterclasses including the Stranded Colourwork and Steeking!

Just want to see what is available?  Check out All Masterclasses and have a browse.  Each class has a full outline of what's included, just click the 'Overview' button.

As well as masterclasses, we also have two core libraries, the Core Techniques library and the Core Pattern library.  The Core Techniques library contains an A to Z of technique videos and the Core Pattern library contains all the masterclass and core patterns.  The Bonus Pattern library, available to Annual Members, includes the patterns from all of the knit-a-longs we have had so far in Knit School.  

Need help on where to start?  Email or visit the Facebook Group for inspiration.  As a Knit School member, all of these masterclasses should be available to you but if you find something you can't access, again it's the email address and we'll get straight on it.

You'll find a list of upcoming masterclasses on the Timetable page.